Hello! Welcome to my website. I first built this site so that others could learn more about me, but I also like to keep it as a personal record of what I've made over the years.

Before I let you look at my work since highschool, first let me introduce myself. I'm Lea Broudo, a software engineer and artist from New York. I've worked on a range of projects, most of which I've included on this site.

Here's a brief timeline of the different areas I've explored over the years:

portrait art


I was interested in being able to capture people's likeness, so during this time I taught myself to draw portraits. I mainly used colored pencils on toned tan paper. You can check out some of my work here.

surrealism, embroidery, & pottery


After portraits, I began to work on larger and more surreal scenes. I also branched off into other mediums like embroidery and pottery. You can check out some of my work here.

mechanical engineering


At the beginning of University, I was a mechanical engineering major. During that time, I enjoyed designing parts in SolidWorks and either 3D printing or laser-cutting the final form. Some of my most complete builds from then include an experiment that went into microgravity and a portable Dance Dance Revolution machine. You can check them out here.

computer graphics development


After a few years, I missed the artistic aspect of my work that I felt mechanical engineering lacked. I jumped ship and became a computer science major with a focus on computer graphics and vision. Around then I worked on different shaders, a ray tracer, and custom Maya object generation tools. Check my work out here.

software engineering & XR development


I joined the Computer Graphics and User Interfaces lab under Professor Steven Feiner, and have been obsessed with AR & VR development ever since. While there I worked mainly on a collaborative urban virtual environment using SteamVR. Since then I've been working on my own Oculus Quest game, Holo Brawl, through the Oculus Start Program. You can view some of my projects here.

Otherwise, I'm currently working at Zocdoc as a full stack software engineer on the Video Visits team. If you're in the market for a new doctor, I highly recommend you visit them!



These are the projects I've worked on since 2017. They are ordered largely from newest to oldest.

The latest projects are all AR and VR related and built in Unity. Before then I worked on GLSL shaders, a ray tracer, and custom Maya object generation tools. My oldest projects are from when I was still a mechanical engineering major in college, and include a portable Dance Dance Revolution machine and an experiment that went into microgravity.

Holo Brawl VR

Oculus Quest board game using hand tracking. I'm currently developing it further as part of the Oculus Start Program!

Collaborative Urban Virtual Environment (CURVE)

Collaborative exploration of urban data in virtual reality using SteamVR.


AR app that allows users to learn about and spatially play with acoustic waves.

Ray Tracer

Ray tracer written in C++.


(Adorable) GLSL shaders.

Tree Generation

Maya plugin to quickly generate complex tree models.

Insect Garden

Maya plugin to easily generate a variety of insect models.

Walter Model & Rig

3D model, rig, and walk cycle created in Maya and rendered in Arnold.

Sketch Sage Studio

Realistic, poseable online figure model to use for sketching and illustration.

Human Spaceflight and Vision Empairment Poster

Retinal cell experiment sent into microgravity.

The Electric Slide

Hand-held Dance Dance Revolution game made with Arduino.



I drew most of these portraits between 2014 and 2018.

In 2016 I won the Congressional Art Award for my piece Head in the Clouds, which was displayed in the U.S. Capitol for a year.

I also won the Scholastic Silver Key Award and Honorable Mention in 2016 for two of my respective works, A Waltz with the Cosmos and Remote (not in) Control. Through this award, I had the opportunity to display my works at the Rubell Family Collection Museum.






Please contact me wherever!