Demo Reel Breakdown

  1. Lazy Boy (Maya, Substance Painter, Arnold): ​Character Design + Modeling + Shading + Rigging + Walk Cycle. Character rig has full IK/FK functionality for the arms, legs, and spine.​​

  2. Tree Generation Tool (Python, Maya, Arnold):​ Production tool for generating realistic trees using procedural L-systems with stochastic sampling. Full user control of tree parameters, including branch tapering, leaf and flower density, and mesh texturing.​​​​

  3. Bug Garden (Python, Maya, Arnold):​ Maya production tool that allows users to create insect meshes either randomly or by selecting various attributes of the insect. 

  4. Sketch Sage (Three.js, JavaScript, HTML/CSS) ​​: ​Interactive 3D-graphics web app allowing artists and creators to have an articulated figure model for sketching and illustration. During its first four months, the site gained over 1,500 active users.​​

  5. Raytracer (C++):​ Raytracer using BRDF calculations to render images. Implemented recursive reflections, depth of field, and shadows from scratch. ​​

  6. Toy Truck (Maya, Arnold): ​Modeling + Shading. Toy truck model based on a real toy to better understand modeling physical structures.

  7. Artwork (Colored Pencils): ​Various pieces made with colored pencils on toned paper. The awards the pieces won in order of appearance: Congressional Art Award, Scholastic Art Award Silver Key, Scholastic Art Award Honorable Mention.